We offer a management program which was developed from years of working successfully with Associations of all types and sizes. We custom design a program to meet the individual needs of each Association which includes:

  • Complete Board packets, in advance of your meetings, including agenda, minutes, financial statements, accounts receivable report, correspondence, member service summary, management recommendations and maintenance proposals.
  • Service from an Accounting Department staffed with full-charged bookkeepers to ensure highly accurate financial management with timely and understandable reports.
  • Property walkthrough inspections to elicit peak performance from service providers and enhancement of property values.
  • Assessment statements or coupons with optically scanned receipts to ensure accuracy and timeliness in collections.
  • 24-hour answering service with a Staff Manager on-call to handle emergency situations 365 days a year.
  • Personnel committed and trained to minimize delinquent accounts and expedite collection activities.
  • A financial management system that provides on-line budgeting, forecasting and reserve study updates.
  • Effective bidding procedures including detailed specifications, thorough analysis of bids, reference checks and use of Association contract forms.

Our Customer Service Department is exceptional in handling routine Association matters for expeditious response to your members, including:

  • Escrow Coordination and Owner Transfers
  • Service and Maintenance Requests
  • Architectural Review Processing

If you are interested in obtaining a proposal for management services, please contact Kathy Emmons at [email protected] and provide a description of your Community or property.


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